Monday, January 25, 2010

The Gamer side

As previously mentioned, I do play games. From Air Rivals to Pardus, my interest vary quite a bit.

A little bit about each of them.

Pardus. My alias is Rift Tlosam, a Keldon marauder pilot.
In that game, I fly one of the worst fighters. It's a light fighter, has three guns and minimal armour. Despite its small size, generally it is out-gunned, out-armoured and so on.

However, I am one of the most respected pilots in the game because of my sheer stubbornness and ability to make my ship work. People tend to judge me on my ship alone. And when they try to engage me and I reduce them to rubble, I hear eyes popping. It's quite amusing.

Needless to say, I am the best marauder pilot out there. Mostly because no one else who is seriously playing the game uses crap like me.
What can I say? I hate big ships.
And do not ask me for advice on combat. I tend to ignore that.

Air Rivals.
A very PvP oriented game, it unfortunately is rather harsh on newbies. But it's extremely fun, and challenging, especially in wars. If you see me online, I'm usually killing someone.

I'm actually rather happy because I made two e10 weapons yesterday. Enchanting system seems to like me.

These are some of the games I play. I do play others, but usually I don't want to be bothered in them.


Last week, unfortunately our first class was canceled. Fardad was sick, which thus meant that we didn't have any quiz or lessons. Bit of a downer, to be honest.

Pointers were mainly covered. It was a bit confusing, as is always. I had always thought of pointers as a number which points to a location in memory, instead of it actually just being an unsigned integer.

Still, it's quite interesting to see how they work. Especially in the ability to move forward in memory by the size of the target.

Of course, this is not the first time I've used pointers. But they certainly are clearer now than they were before.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Another year, more blogging

To re-iterate, I do dislike blogging. It is not so much because it's trouble, but more of not knowing what to expect, or desired for a blog.

I come into the course OOP344 as a fairly good student in OOP244, which I achieved extremely well in. I'm fairly well versed in programming languages, so I'm not sure what kind of challenge I'll be expecting so much.

This class actually looks to be a bit more interesting than my previous ones where I did have very little to do. However, since as far as I know, we will not have a senior architect for development, which means that we either have to fight it out amongst ourselves or we need to organize it.

Having been in such a position before, I can mention that it isn't fun when it feels like I am one of the few who actually can comment code properly. However, I do hope it won't be that bad.

Further, allow myself to explain a bit about the moniker that I have as my blog address.

Rift Tlosam is a character that I role play, generally in Science Fiction genres. Other aliases include Raithen and Kuat. I do enjoy games as well, and I tend to attempt to play psychologically as well as regularly. I do have a talent with that as well, but it's something purely for entertainment, not work.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Well. As usual I start late. Seems that I prove one of the three great laws of computer scientists -- We're lazy.

Either way, I have to go over the two, approaching three past weeks that have gone by.

Induction. Familiar old topic, but a bit more archaic. I'm actually interested by the fact that this year, the standards on the proof structure have been relaxed. To be honest, I feel a bit more relieved, as my mind has a tendency to wander when doing proofs, and it doesn't like a rigorous set piece it has to fill.

Simple induction is something that I'm already familiar with, while Complete induction and Well-Ordering will take some time to get used to. I'm starting to understand the concepts.
This will mostly just take time, that's all.

The problem sets themselves are good exercise, something that I appreciate doing. I'm just not so certain about having a problem set due about four days or so before an assignment is due.
It just means that I have to juggle more things at once.

This year I feel quite lethargic. I can't understand why, honestly. I need to force myself to actually do things instead of just slacking off.

Either way, I'm going to try to work harder and get better grades.

- Chainsaw Maniac